Frequently Asked Questions - University Archives

The Archives is open to ALL students, staff and members of the community, with proper identification. If you have papers or projects involving the history of KSU, call the Archives to see how we can help.

The Archives depends on the active engagement of faculty, staff, and alumni in building a strong collection. If you have records you are considering disposing, call the Archives first (x6289)!

Academic and Administrative Units:

* The Archives is generally interested in acquiring records concerning committees including meeting minutes, subject files concerning projects or new programs, official correspondence, files documenting the development of policies, and publications.

Faculty, Staff, and Alumni Personal Papers:

* Items of interest to the Archives generally include biographical information, official correspondence related to the University, professional correspondence, course materials, publications, records pertaining to membership in professional or social organizations, personal and family correspondence, related audiovisual material.

A library holds published items intended to be used as separate sources of information (e.g. books, journal articles, electronic resources). University Libraries support the teaching mission of the institution. Patrons can check out most materials in a Library.

An archive holds collections of items or "records" that often have meaning only in the context of the larger collection (e.g. a letter from the University President has meaning only within the larger context of the function and operations of the Office as a whole). The primary mission of all University Archives is to identify, preserve and make available records (including electronic, paper, audiovisual, or other media) documenting the history of the institution. Some also accept collections that may or may not directly relate to the institution (often called "Special Collections."). Patrons must use archival materials in the archives, and some items may not be available for use.