Digital Modules

Interested in a class-length module tailored to a specific subject, collection, or learning objectives? Contact the Archives to request a digital instruction session.

See below for examples of digital modules created by our archivists.

  • Still image of Archives stacks tour

    Introduction to the KSU Archives and Special Collections

    This four part video module provides basic instruction in primary source literacy, an overview of collections held by the KSU Archives and the Bentley Rare Book Museum, an introduction to our online catalog and digital collections, and a virtual tour. Including built-in assessment questions, this module takes approximately 40 minutes to complete.

  • Cobb NAACP 1970s

    Archiving While Black

    A presentation documenting the African American experience in the KSU Archives and the Bentley Rare Book Museum, including questions for critical analysis of archival materials and suggested collections for further study.

  • KSC softball team 1992

    Women in Sports at KSU and SPSU

    A module examining the participation of women in sports throughout the history of KSU and SPSU. The module uses questions for critical analysis to explore changing social roles for women in the context of university history, Title IX, and more. 

  • 2015 KSU Football program

    Football at KSU

    A presentation documenting the history of KSU's football program through oral histories and other archival materials.

  • Airplane embedded in arctic ice

    Glacier Girl: The Expedition to Retrieve the Lost Squadron

    Presentation on the retrieval of World War II fighter planes embedded in the Greenland ice cap, featuring selections from the Bobbie Bailey Collection.

    Archives and Special Collections intern Chandler Moore, Contributing Author.