The KSU Archives is available to collaborate with instructors to create assignments using our materials. To plan assignments that address specific subjects, collections, or learning objectives, please submit a Service Request Form to contact one of our archivists. Any assignment can also be presented as part of a digital module

See below for sample assignments utilizing materials from the University Archives.

Sample Assignment 1: KSU and SPSU Yearbooks

Researcher level: Beginner

Visit the KSU Archives Scholarly Online Access Repository. Choose a yearbook from either the KSU Yearbook Collection or the SPSU Yearbook Collection. Click the link under the yearbook image (example: techlog34-1982 (112.3Mb)) to download a digital copy. Review the yearbook and look for the following: 

  • Changes in campus buildings/uses of buildings/location 
  • Changes to curriculum. What classes or programs were offered then that are not offered now? What modern programs are absent? 
  • Changes in student body demographics  
  • Student activities and/or traditions. What has changed and what has not?  
  • References to politics and/or current events 
  • References to popular culture: film and television, literature, fashion, etc. 

Write a reflection describing what you noticed. Describe how could you use this yearbook to demonstrate how this school or region has or has not changed over time.

Sample Assignment 2: Kennesaw Junior College student newspaper 

Researcher level: Intermediate to Advanced

Visit the KJC student newspaper collection in the KSU Archives Scholarly Online Access Repository. The four articles linked below show student opinion regarding the Vietnam War at different points in time. 

 Read each article and write a reflection answering the following questions: 

  • What events and policies are cited as influencing students’ opinions on the war?
  • The article “Lottery? What Lottery?” consists of a student poll regarding the 1969 draft lottery. Read an explanation of the lottery draft system here. How does learning their lottery number influence poll respondents’ opinion on the draft?
  • What do these articles show about support for the war on the American home front?