Overview of Collections


The University Collection has papers and records from departments, administrators, faculty and staff, including records of two former presidents (Dr. Horace W. Sturgis and Dr. Betty Siegel). Faculty papers include those of Helen Ridley (dean of the College of Humanities and Social Sciences and chair of the influential View of the Future Committee), Leon Combs (Chemistry Department chair; oversaw design and planning of new Science Building), Barbara Karcher (socioloist amd gerontologist), Nancy Sullivan (executive assistant to Betty Siegel).

The Archives also has:

*Student publications including a complete run of the The Sentinel (newspaper), the Talisman (yearbook), and Share Magazine (art and literary magazine).

* Minutes of President's Cabinet meetings, annual reports, KSU Fact Books, budget summaries, accreditation reports and studies.

* Photographs, video tapes and cassette recordings of campus life and events, prominent speakers on campus, and commencement ceremonies.


The Archives holds a number of collections important to the history Marietta, Cobb County and northwest Georgia. Papers of the Atkinson-Floyd, McAdoo and Lawrence families give a broad and unique perspective on aspects of daily life in 19th and 20th century Georgia. Marietta during the 1940s is represented by the Blair Collection and the Bell Aircraft Collection. The Blair collection consists of scrapbooks, papers, records and photographs from L. M. ("Rip") Blair's term as mayor of Marietta, Georgia, and the Bell Aircraft photograph collection provides a visual record of Marietta's newly founded aviation industry. Other fascinating collections include the Bowling C. Yates papers (Yates was the first superintendent of Kennesaw Mountain National Battlefield), and the records of the Cobb Education Consortium. The Secrist Collection consists of the records of Cobb County Commissioner Chairman, Phillip L. Secrist. Secrist was a teacher, prservationist and businessman who taught at KSU after his term with the County. The Archives also holds the records of two significant African-American organizations: the Georgia National Conference on Blacks in Higher Education, and the Cobb County Branch of the NAACP. Of special interest in the NAACP collection are the newspapers Cobb Community News (1975), Cobb Focus (1983), and Cobb News (1975), which were published for and by the African American community in Cobb County.


* Kennesaw State University Oral History Series