The Challenges of College Student Life in the 1960s

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Examining Sentinel student newspapers to learn more about Kennesaw Junior College students in the 1960s.

KENNESAW, Ga. (May 9, 2023)This blog post was guest written by Archives Intern Max Blafer, a KSU junior majoring in History. 

While technology and politicians have changed over the last 60 years, many of the fundamental problems remain the same. For example, many students lament the lack of parking on campus and fear the coming of finals. The Sentinel gives us an exciting view into student life from days gone by while showcasing the consistant struggles. For many, college was literally life or death; they would be drafted and possibly killed if they didn't attend college. So let's look into the problems of a student atteding Kennesaw Junior College during the late 1960s.

sentinel article
Parking Presents Problems, October 31st, 1966 (Vol.1 Issue. 2)

sentinel article
No Crying Towels, December 1st, 1966 (Vol. 1 Issue. 3)


Parking Presents Problems, October 1966

As every KSU student knows, the parking decks are always full, and this was true before the campus even opened! In The Sentinel’s second-ever issue, Student Journalist Dave Campbell lays out the rules of the Southern Tech campus that KJC was temporarily occupying before the
campus was complete.

No Crying Towels for Sale, December 1966

Any student can tell you about the woes of finals. This piece from December 1st, 1966, jokingly talks about the bookstore no longer selling its trademark “Crying Towels." With Scrappy on the bottom corner turned around to symbolize his departure from the nest, it would have made a fantastic stocking stuffer.

To School or To War?, July 1967

During the Vietnam War, the draft loomed over every young man's mind. It changed their entire outlook on life, giving men a feeling of a looming and unstoppable death. This piece by Jackie Brooks discusses the pressing question: "To school or war?"

sentinel article
To School Or War?, July 20th, 1967 (Vol.2 Issue. 1)

As people seek to create unity between the generations, preserving and speaking about our history is more important than ever. Looking through the pages of The Sentinel gave me a great view of past student life, showing club meeting times, Dean's list awardees, and advertisements for businesses long since gone. It gives a glimpse into what the newspaper's reporters felt important enough to tell students about. While students today may not have to worry about the draft, some of our problems remain the same.

Check out the Sentinel archives!
These clips are just a tiny snippet of what the The Sentinel student newspaper collection offers. I particularly enjoyed a piece about honoring the duck teachers on campus. They would appreciate more bread. I recommend visiting the Archives and finding something that speaks to you!