Collecting Areas

The Archives collects the records of Kennesaw State University administrative units, individuals, and student groups that document the day-to-day activities of the school. In addition, the KSU Archives seeks to document the work of individuals and organizations in the north and northwest regions of Georgia.

University Archives

The mission of the KSU University Archives is to serve as the instiutional repository for records of enduring value and to preserve and make available institutional memory of KSU and the former Souther Polytechnic State University. The KSU Archives supports a number of institutional needs, from teaching, outreach and curriculum enrichment, to developing creative products supporting milestones, anniversaries and signficant events in the life of the university and assisting departments, staff and administrators with reference requests about the history of SPSU and KSU. University Archives appraisal guidelines are available here:

University Archives Collection Development Policy and Guidelines (rev.2017)


Special Collections

Special collections are made up of materials that were not created by Kennesaw State University or Southern Polytechnic State University. The Archives acquires records that provide evidence of the activities of individuals and groups in north and northwest Georgia. They can include personal papers, organization records, local publications, research collections, and audio-visual and digital recordings.

Digital Collections

Digital collections are comprised of items from both University Archives and Special Collections that are either born digital (Created using a computer, operating system, and software and saved in an electronic format) of that have been digitized from analog sources (Created from a non-digital format and saved in an electronic format). They are differentiated by format rather than by subject or creator.